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Hanging Truss Adaptor

Suitable for all triangular & square truss sections.

 Supplied with hanging ring and two slimline half coupler
Standard Duty – SWL 440 lbs (200Kg)
Heavy Duty – SWL 1100 lbs (500Kg)

Part No: List Price: Quantity: Buy:
T57214: Fixed Truss Adaptor 6-10inch - 150-250mm $153.74 Quantity: 
T57219:Fixed Point Truss Adaptor 8-16inch - 200-400mm $157.53
T55710: Heavy Duty Fixed Point Truss Adaptor 6-10inch 150-250mm $188.44
T55715: Heavy Duty Fixed Point Truss Adapter 8-16inch 200-400mm $196.34