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Stabiliser Couplers

A stabiliser coupler provides articulation between two tubes. Ideal for use in special ëone offí applications. Four sizes available. Suitable for welding only.

Part No: List Price: Quantity: Buy:
T58720: Basic stabiliser coupler without plug - 0.55 Kg $44.53 Quantity: 
T58725: Stabiliser coupler with 47mm round shank plug - 0.67 Kg $63.32
T58726: Stabiliser coupler with 44mm round shank plug - 0.67 Kg $63.32
T58728: Stabiliser coupler with 41.4mm round shank plug - 0.67 Kg $63.32
T58729: Stabiliser coupler with 39.5mm round shank plug - 0.67 Kg $63.32